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At Poulin Construction Inc., we specialize in pre-engineered metal and steel building services and have been performing high-quality commercial and residential building projects since 1955.

What Is Pre-Engineered Steel?

Pre-engineered metal or steel buildings are inexpensive and efficient alternatives to traditional building construction. The building consists of the frame, fabricated from plate steel, which consists of the building’s roof beams and columns that are bolted together.

The frame can span distances of up to 300 feet without supporting columns. On top of and perpendicular to the frame are the purlins, which are spaced four to five feet apart across the width of the building to support the roof. The wall system attaches to the frame and helps support the roof. Once put together, a large, column-free enclosure is formed, and the structure is commonly used for industrial applications like warehouses or distribution facilities.

These buildings also work well as retail stores, car dealerships, sports and entertainment complexes, churches, office complexes, schools, medical facilities, and more.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel

There are many advantages to building with pre-engineered steel over conventional construction methods. These buildings offer the ultimate in design flexibility and can be built according to the client’s specific needs when it comes to dimensions, structural criteria, materials, building codes, and more. Even though the buildings are large, they are cheaper to build than traditional buildings, and they can be built with increased speed and accuracy. They also offer lower life cycle costs, high return on investment, and sustainability.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great solution for companies that crave design flexibility while looking to cut costs and maximize efficiency. To learn more about our pre-engineered steel building services, contact Poulin Construction Inc. today.