Pre-Engineered Buildings | Sterling, MA

Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings in the Sterling, MA Area

Using innovation and creative thinking, Poulin Construction Inc. has been leaving its mark on central Massachusetts for over 60 years. Family owned and operated, we believe that superior customer service and advanced technology go hand in hand in commercial services, including well-constructed turnkey pre-engineered buildings.

How Are Pre-Engineered Buildings Designed?

If you are interested in designing a pre-engineered building (PEB), the first thing to consider is the type of building materials that you will need, along with the manufacturing techniques that you plan on using. Effective PEBs are designed one section at a time, with each section being built to fulfill the needs of a particular spot of the building.

This means that each section may be distinctly different. With the implementation of tapered sections, standard hot rolled sections, and standard cold form sections, proper PEB design can be achieved.

Basic Building Parameters

The basic pre-engineered building parameters are as follows:

  • Width: distance between eaves struts of opposite walls
  • Length: length of building measured between end wall steel lines
  • Height: distance from the top of the eave strut to the bottom of the main frame column base plate 
  • Roof slope: angle of the roof in regards to horizontal dimension
  • End bay length: distance from first interior frame column to the outside of the end wall column's outer flange
  • Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings

PEMs have many benefits but the overarching one is reduced construction time. With standardized components using a predetermined inventory of raw materials, costs are also better controlled. Also, PEMs are roughly 30 percent lighter than conventional steel structures make them easier to build.